Dr. Jay D. Cooper

Senior Minister

Rev. Lucas Tribble

Associate Minister

Rev. Ben A. McDavid

Minister of Congregational Care

Dr. Jason Borders

Theologian in Residence

Dr. James Seay

Director of Music

Dr. Joshua Coble

Organist/Assistant Director of Music

Kate Berry

Director of Children's & Youth Music, Facilities Calendar Manager

Miles Barnhardt

Director of Youth Ministry

Luv DuBose

Director of Youth Missions and Programming

Karrington McTier

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry

Debbie Mills

Director of Children's Ministry

Lucie McMillan

Director of Nursery Ministries

Adrian Bush

Director of 50 PLUS and Sacred Arts Ministries

Tammy Center

Director of Respite Ministry

Laura Selby

Assistant Director of Respite Ministry

Claire Smith

Director of Missions and Social Services

Ed Reifenberg


Amy Burns

Finance Office

Lillian Gilley

Administrative Assistant to the Senior Minister

Bailee Wilson

Communications Coordinator

Macio Malone

Director of Audio Visual

Drew Norman

Facilities Manager

Lisa Glasscock


Kate Wheaton

Director of Hospitality and Food Services

Michelle Hawkins

Food Service Supervisor

Vicky Moore

Director of Early Childhood Development Center

Demetria Moore

Assistant Director of Early Childhood Development Center

Ginnie Wilkerson

Director First School

Felicia Crawford


Joe Pace


First United Methodist Church

2416 West Cloverdale Park, Montgomery, Alabama 36106 Map