Sunday School

Would you like to build meaningful and lasting relationships with others in the church? Would you like to participate in engaging studies of scripture and topics relevant to helping you become a more faithful disciple of Jesus Christ? Then Sunday school is the place for you!

We have many different classes each with their own identity and personality that would gladly welcome you into their fellowship. If you would like more information about any of these classes, please contact Rev. Gillian L. Walters, Associate Minister, at 334-834-8990 or

Sunday school classes meet each week at 9:45 a.m.

Our goal is to provide spiritual nurture through Bible teaching in a loving environment so that the children will develop a true love for God.

Our classes are designed to encourage the spiritual growth and development of our youth through Bible study, discussion, prayer, and fellowship.

Classes are offered for different interests and ages.  Each class offers opportunities for Bible study, spiritual growth, and fellowship with others. Visit, find your place and join the class of your choice. We hope you will feel at home in the family of First United Methodist Church through one of our Sunday school classes.

Guests are always welcome!

Summer 2021 Room Assignments



0-9 Months | CB 103

9-18 Months | CB 104

18-24 Months | CB 109

Young 2s | CB 108

*2 Year Sheep | CB 105

*3 Year Shepherds | CB 106

*4 & 5 Year Angels | CB 107


Kindergarten Disciples | CB 207

1st Grade Missionaries | CB 208

2nd Grade Samaritans | CB 206

3rd Grade Adventurers | CB 205

4th & 5th Grade Faithbearers | CB 200

*Grade 6 – Grade 12 | WH Youth Lounge


Ages 20 – 30

The Connection Class | WH 104

Ages 30 – 40

Faithful Followers Class | WH 103

Farmers Class | WH 102

Ages 40 – 50

Partners Class | WH 202

Pines Class | CB Reception Room

Age 50 – 60

Explorers Class | WH 105

Fellowship Class | WH 206

New Horizons Class | FB Adult Lounge

New Room Class | WH 207

Novus Class | WH 101

Ages 60 – 75

Forester Class | WH 204

Journey Class | WH 203

Sowers Class | CB 203

Women’s Grace Class | FB Library

Age 70+

Cornerstone Class | WH 205

Seekers Class | WH 201

Age 80+

Oxford Class | FB Conference Room

Tower Class | CB 101

First Groups

First Groups encompasses our many bible studies, small groups, supports groups, supper clubs, Sunday school groups, and countless others that you can be a part of, with people who have the same interests as you! The mission of FUMC First Groups is to provide members with an opportunity to connect, be cared for, and grow.