Shoppers, learn more about each non-profit agency by watching their brief videos and by clicking on their website links. To shop online, go to the Purchase Form  You can also visit with a representative from each nonprofit on December 4, 10:00 – 12:00, in Cloverdale Park across from First United Methodist Church.

Caring for the Natural World

Feed one kitten or puppy for one day: $5.00

Feed one dog or cat for one day: $10.00

Provide preventative vaccinations for two puppies: $25.00

Provide heartworm tests for two dogs: $50.00

Five seedlings to be given out on Arbor Day: $5.00

One pair of work gloves for volunteer tree-planting projects: $10.00

One slow-release watering bag for a newly-planted tree: $20.00

Contribute toward the purchase of one street plant for environmental benefits: $50.00

Educating Children and Adults

Notebooks and pencils: $10.00

Easy-to-read novel: $15.00

Student reading book: $25.00

Tutor’s book: $40.00

Graduation gift card: $50.00

Rhythm Eggs – Kids love following along with the music with these shakers!: $5.00

Save-A-Seat for a Student! A live performance ticket for a local student: $10.00

Musical, educational books, and resources for school libraries: $25.00

Hire a musician- Help support a school outreach concert by funding part of the musician fees: $50.00

Museum tour for one student: $5.00

Museum tour for two students: $10.00

Museum tour for five students: $25.00

Contribute to a Freedom Rider Honoraria: $50.00


Snacks for one child for a week: $5.00

Academic achievement awards for each child: $10.00

One day of summer camp for each child: $25.00

A bike for a child for the Christmas Store: $50.00

Lunch pass for a student during intern: $5.00

Student Drug Test: $10.00

Monthly bus pass for a student: $25.00

Documentation for employment (State ID, Birth Certificate, SS Card, etc.): $50.00

One new, high-quality book with comprehension and engagement resources: $5.00

Two new, high-quality books with comprehension and engagement resources: $10.00

Student literacy starter set of six books: $25.00

Student complete library set of 12 books: $50.00

Care package for a scholar – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and soap: $5.00

School uniform signature bowtie: $10.00

Snacks for a classroom for one week: $25.00

School uniform signature blue blazer: $50.00

Feeding the Hungry

Provides one meal for a senior: $5.00

Provides two meals for a senior: $10.00

Provides three meals for a senior: $25.00

Provides ten meals for a senior: $50.00

A serving of oatmeal for 50 hungry students: $5.00

A serving of fruits and vegetables for 24 hungry students: $10.00

Food for five hungry students for one weekend: $25.00

Food for 10 hungry students for one weekend: $50.00

Approximately 50 pounds of produce moved to neighbors in need: $5.00

Fruits and vegetables for a family for 1 month: $10.00

Approximately 250 pounds of produces moved to neighbors in need: $25.00

Approximately 1500 servings (about 300 meals) for neighbors in need: $50.00

Healing for Physical & Mental Health

One can of tennis balls: $5.00

One Christmas present for an athlete with special needs: $10.00

One month of adaptive tennis practice for an athlete with special needs: $25.00

One season of adaptive tennis practice for athletes with special needs: $50.00

GOTR Bling – happy hair, tutu, and pink eye makeup: $5.00

Fuel our girls – provide snacks for a team of GOTR girls for one day: $10.00

Running shoes for GOTR girls at Title 1 Schools: $25.00

Scholarship for a GOTR girl for one season: $50.00

Insulin syringes for a diabetic patient to receive life-saving medication: $5.00

Glucose test strips for a diabetic patient to monitor blood sugars: $10.00

Medical supplies to provide in-house cancer screenings for women: $25.00

Masks and gloves for PPE for volunteers: $50.00

Support counseling services for those unable to pay: $5.00

Support counseling services for those unable to pay: $10.00

Support counseling services for those unable to pay: $25.00

Support counseling services for those unable to pay: $50.00

Meeting Community Needs

Postage for letters exchanged with incarcerated clients: $5.00

A set of informative policy briefs to share with lawmakers: $10.00

The expense of fulfilling a detailed public records request: $25.00

Two weeks of Appleseed’s Alacourt (court records database) subscription: $50.00


A child’s book: $5.00

A child’s art set: $10.00

A child’s tablet: $25.00

A child’s bicycle: $50.00

Protecting Vulnerable Children and Adults

Red folders for families that contain information about Child Protect and services offered, the judicial process, and other community resources: $5.00

A snack for a child when they arrive at Child Protect: $10.00

A gas card for families’ transportation to a medical appointment: $25.00

Tools needed for a counseling session with a child: $50.00

To help collegians attend local museums during the program: $5.00

School supplies for students: $10.00

Grocery cards for Interfaith Community Outreach elders who are in need of financial assistance: $25.00

Folding grocery carts for Interfaith Community Outreach elders: $50.00

Provide journals for women and youth impacted by abuse: $5.00

Provide new start baskets for women entering shelter: $10.00

Provide counseling for women and youth: $25.00

Provide one week rent for women in shleter: $50.00

Sheltering Those in Need

Various hair accessories and products: $5.00

Books to help our Ranchers expand their knowledge: $10.00

New clothes for Ranchers: $25.00

New shoes for Ranchers: $50.00

Diapers for babies at Mary Ellen’s Hearth: $5.00

A day of meals for a child in a group home: $10.00

New linens for our residential Higher Education home: $25.00

Two Hours of in-home life skills classes at a group home: $50.00

Socks and underwear for a child facing homelessness: $15.00

Pajamas for a child facing homelessness: $10.00

Tennis shoes for a child facing homelessness: $25.00

New bedding for a child facing homelessness: $55.00


New underwear and a pair of socks: $5.00

2 days worth of Pop top canned food: $10.00

One weekly bus pass: $25.00

One nice sleeping bag: $50.00


Midday meal for someone who is hungry or homeless: $5.00

Hygiene kit/care package for a homeless person: $10.00

Assistance with purchasing a state I.D. in order to apply for jobs and housing: $25.00

One-month bus pass to search and/or travel to work: $50.00

One box of nails: $5.00

Wooden 2x4s: $10.00

A package of shingles: $25.00

A kitchen sink: $50.00

Workday refreshments for volunteers: $5.00

Grab bar for someone at risk of falling: $10.00

Fire extinguisher, CO2 detector, or smoke alarm for neighbor-in-need: $25.00

Lumber for a ramp to provide safe ingress and egress to a home: $50.00

Supporting Prisoners and Released Inmates

Storybook for the child of an incarcerated mother: $5.00

Birthday gift for the child of an incarcerated mother: $10.00

State ID for a formerly incarcerated mother: $25.00

School uniform for a child of an incarcerated mother: $50.00

Stamps, paper, and envelopes for a resident to write family and friends: $5.00

Five city bus passes for a Renascence resident: $10.00

A state picture ID for a new resident: $25.00

A health clinic visit for one resident: $50.00

Support Gift Hope