God’s Gift

The sacrament of Baptism represents a gift from God and our response to it. God freely offers us saving grace and love, new life, forgiveness of sin, and the promise of salvation.  We accept God’s gift by agreeing to fulfill our responsibilities of living a Christian life of love and service to all.

Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism emphasizes that God’s love is freely given, not “earned” by our actions. Each child is given a new birth and becomes part of the Christian family.  Parents make a commitment before God to establish the child in faith.  The congregation welcomes the child, and also agrees to sustain and guide the child in faith.

Church Membership

A Baptized infant becomes a preparatory member of the church—one who has not yet made a personal profession of faith and who is guided by parents.  Baptism marks the beginning of a process of growth in faith toward God. Confirmation brings full membership and responsibility to those who are Baptized.  It is the completion of the Baptismal commitment. Confirmation classes at First United Methodist Church are offered when children reach 7th grade, and are ready to make a personal commitment to God before the congregation

The Role of Parents

Parents have a primary responsibility for teaching their children about faith.  Children learn and grow in faith according to the example and instruction of their parents. Ways to teach children in the Christian life include: family devotions and sharing of faith, regular attendance at worship services, and participation in Christian service and fellowship. Prepare for the Baptism of your child by praying for spiritual guidance and help.  Study and reflect on the sacrament, its meaning and responsibilities.

Scheduling your Baptism at First United Methodist Church

In the community of faith, we celebrate all Baptisms as a family of God. There is no limit to the number of Baptisms scheduled for any one service. Many parents wonder what age is considered appropriate to have their infant Baptized. Although any age is perfectly fine, you may want to consider 4-6 months. By then, most babies have gained good muscle control but usually don’t mind being held by someone other than Mom or Dad. The church has a beautiful hand sewn Baptism gown, which is available to any church member wishing to use it.

Please use the time before and after the worship service to take photographs.  Flash photography is not appropriate during any worship service. For more information, or to schedule a baptism, please contact Lillian Gilley at lgilley@fumcmontgomery.org or 334-834-8990.